Company Profile

Ben Corporate Consultancy is an outstanding financial planning and consultation company. This private limited company was established in Malaysia in year 2007 with its headquarters situated in Kuala Lumpur and branches in Penang, Butterworth, Kajang, Seremban and Johor Bharu. It has since contributed significantly in the building of the 3 most vital platforms in the nation: financial planning, sales and services. 

We successfully agglomerated the world of banking, law, taxation, investment, etc, offering a holistic approach towards the industry of financial planning with the aim to mould exceptional talents in life insurance and financial planners as our main mission.

Since the very beginning, the company has set its commitment in providing only the superior quality consultation in financial planning (wealth management) to individuals, family and budding businesses, helping them to achieve holistic financial management in life. Going through 6 years of unyielding hard work, Ben Corporate Consultancy has attained dazzling results in financial management and life insurance industry, many a time emerged as champion amongst its profession.

At the same time, the company's incessant practice of innovation has implemented the concepts of "observation, imitation & creation" into the management methods, and has successfully brought up many young men into pivotal managers of the million dollar group category. His staunch belief of "From The Society, To The Society", this famed business concept created by the founder of Ben Corporate Consultancy Mr. Ben Koay Kai Beng has ensured the stable and gradual expansion of the company without the slightest signs of putting the society into oblivion. These noble deeds have directly or even indirectly benefited thousands of people.


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